Symposium on
Philosophy of Sacrifice and its Significance in human society

Held on 3 May, 1997, at
Ghalib Academy, Nizamuddin, New Delhi

The Alhikmah Foundation organized its Annual Function on 3rd May, 1997 at Ghalib Academy, Nizamuddin, New Delhi. On this occasion a Symposium was organized on the topic ‘Philosophy of Sacrifice and its Significance in human society’.

On this occasion Prof. Zahid Husain Zaidi, Department of Physics, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi was the Chief Guest. The speakers included Maulana Asad Israili, Secretary, Peace Foundation, New Delhi, Maulana Syed Aqueel Al Gharvi, Director, Jamiatus Saqalain, New Delhi.

Mr. Hasib Ahmad Siddiqui, Registrar, Jamia Millia Islamia were the Guest of Honor and Dr. S. Farooque, Director, International Hospital, Noida presided over the function.

Almost all the speakers expressed that the ‘Sacrifice’ being the basic tenets of Islamic Teachings must be followed by everybody. The “sacrifice” or “Giving to others” is very much significant in the formation of social order based on the equality and fairness.

It is through sacrifice that the section of society in the category of “haves” can help the section of society in the category of “haves not”

The poverty, hunger and any other ills of society can be removed through sacrifice and charity.

The affluent society should come forward, sacrifice some portion of their material wealth for the help of the poor and needy people.

Almost all the speakers emphasized the need of sacrifice to build an affluent society.

Initially Dr. Ziauddin Ahmad, Honorary Chairman welcomed the guests and audience and introduce the subject by reciting the Quranic Verses related to sacrifice and asked the audience to make the sacrifice a regular habit of life.

The programme was very much appreciated by the gathering and was covered by both electronic and print media.