Human Rights & Islamic Teachings
Held on 10 December, 1995, at
Ghalib Academy, New Delhi

The Alhikmah Foundation organized an Annual Function on 10th December 1995 in Ghalib Academy, New Delhi. On this occasion a Symposium on the topic “Human Rights & Islamic Teachings” was also organized.

The Symposium was addressed by Prof. (Dr.) Allauddin, Vice Chancellor, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi. Prof. Akhtarul Wasey, Department of Islamic Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, Maulana Asad Israili, General Secretary, Universal Peace Foundation, New Delhi, Dr. Abdul Haque, Department of Urdu, University of Delhi and Mr. Mehr-e-Alam Khan, President, Roshni, Meerut. Dr. Mohammed Kahlid Siddiqui, Director, Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine, New Delhi Presided over the function.

All the speakers in their speeches referred to Qur’anic Teachings about the Human Rights and expressed that the basic teachings of Islam give emphasis on human rights. To protect and promote the humanity is the basic teaching of Islam.

Human rights start with the birth of a child, so every parent and society has to look after the children, provide them proper environment for growing up and to develop them into a good human being. Human rights should be protected and promoted in a proper way.

The life of a man is very precious and it should be protected on any cost. The destruction of one man’s life is as if a destruction of humanity as a whole. This is the basic teaching of Holy Quran.

At the beginning, Dr. Ziauddin Ahmad, Honorary Chairman, Alhikmah Foundation welcomed the guests, speakers and introduced the subject for general discussion. He also enumerated the objectives of Alhikmah Foundation which are based on three pillars of promoting education, health and general welfare.

Mr. Saqib Yasin proposed the Vote of Thanks to the speakers and the participants of the symposium.